Case assignments 10 & 11

Please read the scenario in the below case assignments (Chapter 10 & 11 case assignments are the 1st two documents) and answer the questions in each case assignment. 

  • Chapter 10 – “Analyzing Managerial Decisions:”
  • Chapter 11 – “Analyzing Managerial Decisions: Tipping in Restaurants”

*Chapters 10 & 11 are uploaded for your review and will assist you in answering the questions in the case assignment.  

*When you are answering the questions remember to focus on the economic reasoning behind the problems.  Also use the information in the chapter to suggest economic solutions.  Try to include outside sources along with your text book.*

*Book Reference: Brickley, J.A., Smith, C.W., & Zimmerman, J.L (2009). Managerial economics and organizational architecture (6th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin

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