case analysis i wanna you to solve and define the problem based on all the instructi 4508614

Case Analysis

I wanna you to solve and define the problem based on all the instructions that is uploaded here.

Thank you and plz answer all from the paper cuz its my exam . Good Luck
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Analytical perspective

The manager of the Eagle Crest Country Club is Tom Riddell who had some acres of a farm that he had acquired. With these acres, he had an initial plan to establish his exclusive residential place and within in establishing a landing strip that would be private for him.A study that was taken to examining the possibility of his initial plan where it was found that, the land was not in a position to support than Tom the manager was considering being the reasonable length. This became a problem, and therefore Tom was required to look for more options on how to utilize the acres of the farmIn the exploring of other option on how to utilize the land, he came up with an idea of the solution that the acreage of land would be used as a public course of golf. This idea came in that Tom was a golfer who had long time experience. On this idea, a study as carried by the National Golf Federation who confirmed the idea was appropriate.This is an analytical perspective in that the problem was how to utilize the acreage land than Tom had acquired whereby at last Tom came up with a solution of establishing a public course of golf……….

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