Caribbean economic development | Economics homework help

1. Discuss strategies used to achieve economic development.

2.  Differentiate between economic growth and economic development

3. assess different measures of economic development

4. Explain economic development

5. Explain UN millennium Development goals

6. Outline the stages of economic growth

7. describe the various constraints to economic growth

8. explain the cost and benefits of economic growth

9.  Walt Whiteman Rostow five stages of economic growth

10. Challenges influencing agricultural production

11. assess the  roles that the government can play in agriculture development

12. explain the following terms and concepts; technology invention and technology innovation, brain drain and brain gain.

13. explain the term regional economic integration

14. assess the various obstacles the prevent regional integration

15.what are some of the challenges we face 

16. what are some limitation of funding

17. what level of integration we(Caribbean) are  at with integration

18. Creative industry help with post pandemic development


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