Cardiovascular and Lymphatic System WorksheetObjectivesIden

Cardiovascular and Lymphatic System WorksheetObjectives:Identify the components of blood.Describe the functions of the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems.(3 pt for question 1-15)List the 6 components of plasma:What is the function of erythropoietin?List the 3 kinds of granulocytes?Thromboplastin converts _______into_______during bleeding.What is the sedimentation rate?What is the pacemaker of the heart?A heart rate above 100 bpm is called what?What is a heart murmur?Oxygenated blood is carried primarily by which vessels?What do valves in the veins do?What disease is caused by deposits of fat along artery walls?What is another name for a stroke?What are lacteals?What are the 5 classes of antibodies?What is the difference between passive and active immunity?Briefly describe the ABO blood typing system. (15 pt)Describe systemic circulation (20 pt).Describe coronary circulation (20 pt).

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