Business leadership, 4 papers total

Area: Business; Leadership

Course: Leadership Training and Development

Type: Papers

Amount: 4 total

Length: Differs per assignement; 3-5 page minimum

Style: APA Format, Word

Due: 48 hours

Requirements: Must be english speaking native, professional background in business with emphasis in leadership. Must use the required background materials as references

Specifics: Background in Johari Window analysis, Transactional Analysis, Values in Action (VIA) Inventory of Strengths, Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment

Notes: The assignment is actually fairly easy. This is the initial 4 papers. If completed work is great, will have 4 more with a much longer timeframe possibly. Quality and timeliness are key. Original works a must as I will go through the papers as a base to work off of.

Assignment Needs and specifics uploaded. If unable to meet requirements, please do not respond.

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