Brics and mitsk 15 slide presentation

Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation based upon a Brics and Mitsk Country: China.

This country has been identified as an important, emerging country that is significant economic powers individually, as well as becoming the basis of an important new economic group. It is important to develop an understanding of this country—for the purposes of understanding global business strategy, and the opportunities and threats they pose.

Your country is China.

 Please develop a set of slides that would help an organization contemplating doing business in the country you have been assigned.

Please focus your analysis on Porter’s Diamond of National Advantage.

Please provide images and key facts that capture the economic conditions and 


Please develop a presentation with 15-20 slides. Shorter presentations will lose 



Length: 15 slides

Did student include a reference slide plus “intext” ie “on slide” connection to 


Professional looking (consistent look, feel, font). Does not look like a 

paper/paragraphs copy/pasted into PowerPoint.

Does student identify country and persuade the reader to consider doing business 

in this country?

Does student use images/graphs/charts/color/variety to capture the interest of the reader?

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