BPlans. Review Forecast and Plan your sales on the businessL

BPlans. Review Forecast and Plan your sales on the businessLink web site. The information in the Forecast and Plan Your Sales Material will help you complete the below assignment for this unit. Provide an analysis of the sales portions of the Stretch’r Wings (a hypothetical company) marketing plan at BPlans. Their sales approach is described in Sections 5 and 6 of the plan. To find this sales approach: Click Browse free sample plans.Then click Aircraft Equipment Maker Business Plan to find the Stretch’r Wings, Inc. marketing plan.Consider the following:Describe the components of their sales approach and discusses why that approach was likely utilized.Discuss whether or not you think their sales plan is effective for a business in that market with that marketing mix. Provide justification as part of the discussion.Discuss whether or not you think they have enough detail in their business plan to effectively communicate their sales plan.Suggest additions and changes to their sales plan to make it more comprehensive and better communicate the sales approach. Explain why the resulting sales plan would be more effective.

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