Biodiversity and the scientific method laboratory

Biodiversity and the Scientific Method Laboratory

[WLO: 1] [CLOs: 1, 3, 5]

This first laboratory exercise is a virtual one in which you will explore human impacts on the diversity of species present in a longleaf pine forest of the Southeastern Coastal Plain of the US. Along the way, you will also apply the steps of the scientific method in completing the activities. Before you begin, please review SCI207 – The Scientific Methodpresentation video. When you have finished, please access the Biodiversity & The Scientific Method Laboratory here.

The Process

Complete the virtual lab activities as indicated. Along the way, be sure to print/save all graphs that you generate.  When you have completed the lab, print/save your Lab Notebook. Use this Lab Notebook as a resource to complete the Lab Report Template. Transfer any answers and visual elements from your Lab Notebook into the Lab Report Template. For one section of the template, on Sources of Error in the lab activity, you will can simply copy that paragraph directly from your Lab Notebook. You will submit the Lab Report Template only through Waypoint in the classroom.

The Assignment

Make sure to complete all of the following items before submission:

  • Before you begin the assignment review SCI207 – The Scientific Methodpresentation video.
  • Complete all activities in the virtual lab. Print/save all graphs to paste into your lab report. Print/save a copy of your completed Lab Notebook.
  • Use your Lab Notebook as a resource to complete the Lab Report Template.
  • You must use at least two credible sources outside of the textbook and lab manual to write your report (as indicated on the Template).
  • Submit your completed “Lab Report” via Waypoint.

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