Bgmt – location and candidate selection report

Please read the attached assignment in its entirety. Don’t worry about the course material aspect, I will insert any relevant course material after the fact.

Assignment: For this exercise, you will act as the group lead from Expert Foods Consultants, assigned to Biotech’s. You are preparing your research and putting together a document with your rationale for the selection of the location and best candidate. Make sure the document clearly provides a heading for the best location and best candidate.

Format: Do not use q & a format, but include headings best location and best candidate with 3-5 sentence introductory paragraph. Should be at least 5 -6 pages, not including title and reference page. In-text citations must include page or paragraph numbers.

Locations are clearly compared and contrasted breaking the information into whole to-whole, similarities to- differences or point by-point structure using specific examples to illustrate the comparison/differences.

Only relevant information is presented. Determines the best candidate using the course material, case scenario facts and research to support the ideas, reasoning and conclusions made.

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