beyond informed consent i included discussion information and instruction in the wor 4508150

Beyond Informed Consent

I included discussion information and instruction in the word document attached as well.

In your initial post, briefly analyze and define who the client is in this case study. Assess your professional role as the I/O psychologist and your responsibility to the client as defined. Apply the  to this scenario, specifically addressing what information should be provided to all supervisors and employees. Explain how you would disseminate this information and ensure understanding amongst all stakeholders. Elaborate on how you would establish trust with the employees, protect employee identities, and ensure the results are used in an ethical manner.

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 Cases involving a third-party request for psychology services often have more than one person as the psychologist’s client (Fisher, 2009). In this case, the organization has contracted me to aid in the company’s activities, which implies that I will be dealing with a third party client. Since I will need to interact with the employees to gather the necessary information, they are my clients. On the other hand, the management will need the information to effect changes in the work-life policies, making the management a client as well.

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