BASE ON THE PDF FILES My first question is belowAfter read

BASE ON THE PDF FILES: My first question is below:After reading Kiggundu’s Chapter 9 – Globalization and Health Services, please address the following: First, do you think access to health care and services is or is not a fundamental right? If you perceive it to be a fundamental right, who or what should be responsible for protecting the right? If you perceive it not to be a fundamental right, what then should be the primary determinant of access and how should access be structured in a globalized environment that increasingly comes to view health care as a tradeable commodity? Regardless of your response to this question, be sure to comment on what type of health care system could/should be ideally constructed to support populations in both the center and periphery nations.Follow up by directing us to at least one external source that supports the position you have taken. This may be a website or perhaps an online printed resources (e.g., a journal article). My second question is below:The required reading by Babones and Babcicky certainly, of the multiple models presented, advocates a synthesized status syndrome model or approach to explain the impact of globalization on health. Discuss in your response whether you view the model as conceptually valid and be sure to discuss how, if it is valid, it can be assessed. After all, a model is only good if it can be evaluated empirically. If you don’t think the model is valid, explain why.

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