Ba 181 final | Marketing homework help

  1. What is the marketing concept? According to the marketing concept, what determines if a sale will actually occur?
  2. Name and describe the four marketing management philosophies.


    3. List and describe the three levels of ethical development.



    For every home built by Habitat for Humanity, Whirlpool Corporation has given and continues to give free kitchen appliances to the deserving family. At first Whirlpool gave the appliances with no promotion, then Whirlpool began talking about its philanthropy in its advertising campaigns. Is this unethical behavior according to the pyramid of social responsibility?

5. What is a multinational corporation (MNC)? Discuss two MNCs you are familiar with.

6. Assume you are the president of a company that manufactures wooden bowls, cutting boards, and spoons. Your company is considering marketing its kitchen items globally. List the five important external environmental factors that should be examined for each country you are considering for this global venture.

7. What is a marketing channel? What type of business make up a marketing channel?

8. Name and briefly define three forms of product advertising.

9. List in order the four steps used to set the right price for a product.

10. How can a company measure its success at implementing customer relationship management (CRM) techniques? How does empowerment influence CRM marketing?



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