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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Golden Eagle. The story of the film “Insee Thong“ is very familiar and is reminiscent of Batman’s stories. Specifically, it is similar to the story of the Riddler in Batman Forever (1995). The villainous plot of the Red Eagle is to use red Buddha statues to beam his thoughts to government officials in order to kill them. The story of Red Eagle is based upon a man who publicly leads wildlife, drinking and secretly is a hero who rights wrongs and saves people from danger. He is the Red Eagle, his mask red, but another man starts impersonating him and killing people, so he must change his role to that of the Golden Eagle so that he can continue as a hero. The director of the film, Mitr Chaibancha is also the star of the film, leaving him dual roles in the making of the film. Mitr Chaibancha died during the filming of the last scene, falling to his death as his grip on a helicopter slipped. Because of this macabre twist, the film was appealing, much like The Crow (1994) and The Twilight Zone (1983) because of the deaths associated with them.

Oy played by pulls him out of his nightclub on a regular basis where his life as a playboy is intermittently interrupted by bouts with the underworld as a superhero. A villain takes up his red mask and starts committing murder, so the hero must change his mask, transforming him into the Golden Eagle. The Golden Eagle is more of a crime fighter than a superhero, his skills remaining earthly, which is in the irony of the mistake that cost Chaibancha his life. The main story of the film is dedicated to the villainous organization which is intent on taking over the Thailand government. Their plan is to send red Buddha statues to all of the leaders and then use them to channel their thoughts so that they can kill them. The leader, Bakin, has been trained in the art of hypnosis by Rasputin, a character of history who died in the early twentieth century but whose notorious ability to escape death often leads to the idea that he has yet to die. Therefore, this Russian character is introduced as a resource for the villain.&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.

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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Negative Consequences of Air Pollution in Beijing. The main air pollutant is carbon dioxide. This is a gas that is emitted from cars, planes, power plants and human activities in the urban areas that involve fossil fuels such as natural gas and gasoline.

Another air pollutant is sulfur dioxide. This is a component of smog. This is the main cause of acid rain that leads to the corrosion of buildings in urban areas. In developed countries, the level of these gases is high and the governments have implemented strategies to enable reducing the level of the gases that leads to global warming. There has also been agreed by many people to try curbing the issue of global warming by taking into consideration the reduction in gases emission into the atmosphere. The ozone layer that is formed in the cities is an example of air pollution in cities.

The gases that are released into the atmosphere are poisonous. Inhaling the gases increases the chances of ill health and other problems for those that live in the cities. Those that have heart or lung diseases are at greater risk of air pollution. Air pollution is not only experienced in the air that is outside buildings in the cities but also in the air that are inside houses.

I will focus on Beijing, the Capital of China. This is because air pollution has overtime become an ever-increasing issue among environmentalists and residents in Beijing. Particularly, air pollution is a major disaster in China due to the nation`s rapid pace of industrialization, explosive growth in car ownership, and coal power. Apart from that, Beijing is the capital city of my country, and I have been there several times, which I found air pollution is indeed an issue there also.

The capital city of China has for many years suffered from serious air pollution. The main pollutants in the city have been due to exhaust emission from more than five million vehicles that are in the city,&nbsp.coal-burning that is carried out in the neighboring regions, dusts storms that are experienced in the northern side of the city and the local construction dust from the construction companies.&nbsp.

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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Socioculture. During the “Trail of Tears” towards the end of the 1830s, many Native American Cherokees were forced to shift from their homes to Oklahoma. nearly 20% of their total population did not survive this migration. This coupled with the onset of diseases and the rise of colonization ensured that the number of Cherokees dwindled and today, only a fraction of their population remains. Although, with the recent modernization and modern policy implementations, their population has spread to many different areas of America from eastern America, which is where they had concentrated themselves as a result of the “Trail of Tears”. The southwestern part of America is one of the most fascinating places, geographically, of Cherokee settlement. This area is agriculturally intensive and houses Cherokees in small settlements which are characteristic of the area’s overall culture. Native Cherokee Indians from the Northwestern Coast were famous for making totem poles and other handicrafts. Many of the tribesmen and tribeswomen belonging to this area were employed in boat making, wood carving, lumbering and other similar activities. Initially, the Native Cherokee Indians held a lot of power and status in America. This was because, as a group they had the largest land holdings. But the status of the Native Cherokee Indians deteriorated once the white men set foot on their land and slowly started taking over. first they took their land and eventually the power that came with its possession. The negative effects of the white people taking over and assuming the power position have not faded from the face of the Cherokee nation. there still remains in their reservations a high level of unemployment and resultant poverty. Progress towards development is being made. however, the past of the Cherokee people will always have an imprint on their prospective future (Ballas, n.d).

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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic To What Extent, if at All, Can Management Be Considered to Be a Science. To put it in the related context, change is the only constant in the world and in the business scheme of things, changing to suit the will and desire of the customers and/or the stakeholders as well as doing one last bit to bring in more revenues and profits for the company just plays the right trick for the business to succeed both in the short term as well as in the long run. Organizations that stagnate over a period of time and do not change because of one pressure or the other usually die out quickly. The ones that have existed thus far have relied a great deal on the phenomenon attached to change and consistent upgrading of the needs as put forward by the business and its norms. Thus it would be correct to state here that the aspects of management are indeed very scientific in nature and these must be given the relevant respect that it deserves within the business frameworks.

On the same token of management being a scientific proposition, we see that the role of a manager within complex organizations is a difficult one. This person has to take with him the whole company and mesh the different processes so that he could get instant results. He is a team leader right from the onset of his job. He needs to get work done from the different people who are working under him. The end result has to be a single goal, one that drives their efforts towards the financial success of the said organization. In doing so, the manager encounters a lot of hindrances, difficulties, and hurdles. He has to face a lot of pressure from the topmost management, the people who are senior to him even. He has to be accountable to the public of the organization, which could include the customers and the stakeholders as well since the latter are the people who have invested within the company’s shares and they want a quick buck out of the whole investment drive. We need to define further how the job of a manager is made even more troublesome and how he copes up with the very same. With that, we will also touch subjects that bring attraction to the post of a manager in the first place.

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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic What are the implications and benfits of serious gaming integration into the k-12 educational model What research supports this information and what research should be suggested to be performed in order to validate pros and cons of serious gaming in edu. fore delving deeper into the implications and benefits of integrating gaming into the k-12 educational system, it is essential to understand what educational gaming is. In essence, an educational game is a game designed and constructed in a manner that teaches human beings, especially school-going children on the various subjects and aspects of life taught at school. In other words, educational games teach children not only learning skills but also real-life skills. Fortunately for educational games and children in the k-12 educational systems, stakeholders such as educators, parents, and governments have largely appreciated the role of educational gaming in recent times (Krumholz 5). This change of attitude in stakeholders has resulted in the increased realization and awareness on the physical, educational, and psychological benefits and implications of gaming on learning and development of learners in the k-12 educational systems. Consequently, educational gaming has become conventional in educational systems as a teaching tool. This paper explores the benefits and implications of educational games in k-12 educational system and the researches and assessment of educational gaming.

Among the specific features of educational games that make them vital learning and instruction tools is their being interactive, thus their use to teach learners their objectives, school and learning rules, problem solving techniques, how to interact, and how to adapt to different learning situations. Gaming thus helps learners enjoy their fundamental needs of learning, which include involvement, enjoyment, passion, and motivation, gratification of one’s ego, creativity, and emotional stability (Krumholz 5). Of great importance is the role of educational gaming in supporting social interactions among k-12 learners. Besides its physical and psychological implications, educational gaming also has biological and evolutionary benefits for learners.

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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Workplace Motivation Techniques. The review also indicated that social recognition improved performance by 17% while feedback improved task performance by only 10%. All three factors when combined improved performance by 45%. Perry and Mesch concluded that feedback combined with social recognition and monetary incentives produced the most desirable effect on performance (Perry and Mesch 505).

Perry and Mesch investigated motivational interventions in service and manufacturing industries and found that performance improvements were larger in manufacturing than in service industries (Perry and Mesch 506). While financial, non-financial and social rewards produced the strongest effect in manufacturing organizations, financial reinforcement produced a stronger effect on task performance in service industries.

Ventrice in his research on the effects of a motivational intervention on performance found that financial incentives significantly affected performance quantity but not quality (Ventrice 122). He, however, found that the type of task did not affect the relationship between financial incentives and performance quality. Other researchers found that goal setting and monetary incentives influence performance independently. Perry and Mesch in their work on incentives found that merit pay resulted in positive outcomes especially for individuals but different institutional arrangements affected the feasibility and effectiveness of merit pay (Perry and Mesch para10). They concluded that merit pay was at best moderately effective.

Carroll, on the other hand, found that merit and pay-for-performance systems were ineffective in the public sector as they had a little positive impact on employee motivation and organizational performance (Carroll 67). He attributed this result to insufficient fund allocation for merit pay and the lack of managerial and organizational characteristics necessary for an effective pay-for-performance.

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Hi, need to submit a 18250 words essay on the topic I am proposing to write marketing plan and my investigation will consist of field research (this will result from my having direct contact with WBS clients to find out what they think about the services provided by WBS) and Desk research(specific literatu.

While the excess baggage market may be a smaller percent of this overall figure it is expected to grow with the growth in travel for business and education that is steadily increasing over the years. According to the estimates by the WBS management, the Netherlands market is estimated at 25,00,000 Euros at the moment. (personal communication, 2011)

The excess baggage market was not much influenced by the economic downtrend of 2008-2009 owing to the continuous movement of people for business and work related activities or for travel and pleasure. WBS is therefore in a position what would be called a ‘Dog ‘ on the BCG matrix .

The main problem is therefore to find out the reason for this position, and to make suggestions to the company for appropriate changes. For this, the current research is focused on conducting a SWOT analysis .

The research used various Frameworks of analysis in order to generate information about the external and the internal environment of WBS so that its weakness and strengths, opportunities and threats could be assessed. This is done in order to understand what are the reasons for the decline in sales in a growing market.

1\. Decreasing Market share due to powerful competitors (who have better technology, more qualified professionals, large number of employees and large logistic network and better costs for the customers)

The SWOT analysis indicated that there was a need for WBS to make changes in its internal environment as well as to develop a strategic marketing plan. An objective of increasing the market share by 5 % per year was found to be suitable and practical. The 5% per year increase in market share equals to 1,25,000 Euros in terms of revenues for WBS as the market is assessed at 25,00,000 Euro.(personal communications, 2011). Currently, WBS has a the market share of 20% of the

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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic 10.What was the impact of the French Revolution on the European system.

There was “a vast peasantry accounting for one in seven or one in eight of the population, most of whom were legally free but bound to their seigneur … by a myriad of services and obligations surviving from the medieval past. … And, in cities, … a great urban population of innumerable crafts and occupations, for the most part poor and depending for survival on cheap and plentiful bread” (Rude 1995). When they rose up against their king, overthrew their monarchy and established a new social order, the French did something no other country on the European continent had done, which had a profound effect upon the other European nations who sat watching to see what would happen. This small war completely contained within the country and lasting only 12 years would send ripples throughout Europe and have consequences that would reach as far as North America and the Dutch East Indies (Taylor, 2006). The changes brought about by the French Revolution were cultural, social and political.

As the rumors spread regarding the fall of the Bastille, people in twenty-eight of the largest thirty cities in France were reported to have staged uprisings and hundreds of thousands of peasants in the rural areas attacked lords’ manors and destroyed other symbols of the seigneurialism system throughout the summer of 1789. This gave rise to a wide-spread wave of mass panic, known now as the “Great Fear”, in which the people pulled down the old system of French feudalism “and the state machine of royal France lay in fragments” (Hobsbawm 1969) as the bourgeoisie drafted the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen and limited the King’s power. “Between 1789-1791, the victorious moderate bourgeoisie, acting through what had now become the Constituent Assembly, set about the gigantic rationalization and reform of France … its policy for the peasantry was the enclosure of common lands and the encouragement of rural entrepreneurs, for the working-class,

Definition fun | English homework help

 This is an activity that can get you thinking as “abstractly” as you want. It’s an easy 100 if you complete it, so let’s have fun. 

For this question, you need to select a word that you will use for this exercise. 

  • If you want to think abstractly and be creative, create a six-letter word using this random letter generator. Be sure you get at least two vowels (AEIOU). 
  • If you would rather not think creatively and use a real word, select a word from either list on this site

The abstract thinkers will have some fun decisions to make; the “concrete thinkers” must actually learn the word they select! 

(Word generator) https://thewordcounter.com/random-letter-generator/

1. List the word you are using for this exercise in the space. The word should be either one you randomly generated or one from the lists at the beginning of the questionnaire.  

2  Using your selected word: 

  • If you randonmly generated your word, decide what part of speech it is and list it below. 
  • If you are using a real word, consult a dictionary and determine what part of speech your word is. 

(Need a reminder on the parts of speech? Here you go.)

3.  Using the word you selected or generated: 

Teach your instructor how to say this word. 

4.  Using the word you selected, offer either a formal or extended definition. 

  • If you generated the word, you can make up as much as you want about it. 
  • If you selected a word, you may offer the formal definition, but make sure you understand it. (Go further than just copying and pasting the definition from Google! Don’t plagiarize!)

Formal definitions may include forms of the word, like plural forms or tense forms for verbs. 

Remember extended definitions can include word history and etymology. 

5.  Finally, use your generated or selected word in a sentence. 

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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic A critique of tourism policy and planning in Croatia.

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2\. Definition of term 5 3. Statement of the problem 6 4. Tourism vision and policies 6 5. Issues facing developments of tourism in Croatia 7 6. Tourism strategies 8 7. Analysis 10 8. Conclusion 12 Annex 14 Bibliography 15 Executive Summary This study is about tourism planning and management. As tourism has been significant source of revenue and development in the Republic of Croatia, its tourism planning and policies are inspected and analyzed. A critique is forwarded to point out the deficiencies between the policies and the actual performance. The study is subdivided in several sections that discusses following issues: a) key features of the existing tourism patterns, its significance to economy and employment. b) Issues or problems facing tourism in Crotia. c) Institutions working for its development. d) official strategy of the country and, e) finally, an analysis whether the strategies spelled out are realistic and achievable. The Study used available sources of information from the Ministry of Tourism, World Economic Review, and other published information to arrive at an analytical position. Study found out insufficienes on structural development of Croatia leads to its low competitiveness that does not go with its proclaimed tourism policy. A Critique on the Tourism Planning and Policy in Croatia 1. Introduction Tourism has been a significant part of any country’s economic development….

As tourism is a multi-faceted function, its policy, Mato, Bartuloci (2010a, p.255), a professor in Business and Economics in Croatia, said should be determined by the combined economic policy of agriculture, hotel industry, transportation, commerce and municipal services. In Croatia, tourism policy is developed by several organizations. At the top level, there is the Ministry of Tourism. The Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB), the Croation Chamber of Economy, and at the regional level, it comprises of the tourists board, public sector representatives, travel agencies, enterprises and companies, residents, and others who are interested. The CNTCB is founded with a “view to promoting and creating the identity, and to enhance the reputation of Croatian tourism. The mission also includes the planning and implementation of a common strategy and the conception of its promotion, proposal and the performance of promotional activities of mutual interest for all subjects in tourism in the country and abroad, as well as raising the overall quality of the whole range of tourist services on offer in the Republic of Croatia.” (CNTCB n.d.) 1.2 Key features of existing tourism patterns, significance to the economy and employment The importance of tourism in Croatia is fully expressed in this country since it depends much from tourism to boost its economy. Tourism in Croatia created 135,000 jobs in 2011, (12.3% of total employment). Economic indicators of the World Travel &amp. Tourism Council (2012) showed a positive outlook and brighter promise for tourism in Croatia . Figure 1 below shows a picture of tourists’ arrival that records to 9,334.8 (thousand) in 2009 and a international tourism receipts of (US$ millions)8,889.4 for the same year.