Assignment: the memo should be about 2 pages. client c: client c


Assignment: The memo should be about 2 pages.

CLIENT C: Client C received a notification that he is being examined by Office Audit.  He has a meeting scheduled with IRS in two weeks.  The letter he received from IRS indicated that they will be examining his 2019 tax return. Specifically, he will be examining the following and requests the following information: 

1.  Rental income – copies of deposit slips for rental income.

2.  Rental expenses:

a.  Depreciable assets purchased – copies of invoice for purchase and proof of payment.

b.  Rental repairs and maintenance – copies of bills and cancelled checks. 

This is all the letter indicates with regard to the subject matter of the audit.


1.  Client C feels confident that he can convince the IRS of anything.  Should you allow your client to join you at the examination?  If so, why? If not, why not?

2.  For items paid with credit cards C has copies of credit card statements but no receipts. As the statement reflects the payee, amount and the date of the transaction do you feel this is sufficient? If not why not?

3.  Since the client has a separate bank account for rental property, client would like to bring all the bank statements and all the rental receipts. Is this advisable? If not, why not?

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