Assignment 500 words 5 references

Please review the document attached and post the below highlighted details for the same. Also include additional references if reviewing any other articles. 

 1. Literature Review:

. This section requires that you review at least 5 peer-reviewed literature sources

used in the research.

· For each of the 5 articles, write a paragraph each for the following sections

o Description of the research including who the target population was (if


2. Research Method used to conduct the research (describe what the

researcher(s) did to gather data for the research)

a. Was survey distributed? How many questions? How many


b. Was it a focus group? Was it a case study

c. Be explicit

o Findings: Indicate the findings as reported in the article

o Conclusion: What was the conclusion of the research

3. Research Methodology

 Since you will not be conducting a “real” research study that would require you go

into the field, your research methodology should be a Comparative Analysis

 Describe how you plan to address your research problem and accomplish your stated


 In this section, elaborate on all of the issues pertaining to the problem statement

described in Chapter 1

 Based on the literature, highlight the impact on organizations, people or any


 Discuss the advantages and disadvantages

4. Findings, Analysis, and Summary

5. Conclusion

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