Art lesson plan | Education homework help

 I need the last 5 sections completed on my art lesson plan completed. I will be sending my paper that I’ve already completed that you can reference section 1-6 to complete section 7-11. I have the sections highlighted to help you and I have included PowerPoints that will help for each section. Please make sure you review them for each section before completing them. In section 7, I have included a sample of children’s work that you would be assessing. 
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE message me if you have any questions!

  1. Connecting the Theory should show a clear connection to the theories that are listed in the instructions, as well as the 4 C’s of creativity that you learned about earlier in the semester. Some of you may remember in chapters 1 & 2 of the text, there is an explanation of the theory and the types of play (social, cognitive). Explain how your lesson is connected to the theory-for example, “I used small groups to explore the materials because according to Vygotsky…” and quote the theory.
  2. Be sure to cite your references! According to writing conventions, all references go at the end of the paper and the in-text citation should be used throughout the paper. Some of you have listed your references for the developmental milestones at the end of the first section. Cut and paste those at the end of the paper with a separate References page. Within the text explaining the developmental miles use an in-text citation (author, year).  Use the writing center as a resource to help you with editing and writing. 

The assignment is due Monday, November 16,2020. 

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