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List your company’s – APPLE strategy and two major strategic objectives and measurable goals for sustainable competitive advantage. Explain why.


This discussion forum is designed to get you to use what we know about stress and coping to decide whether mindfulness training is a fad or something likely to be an effective form of stress management at work.

Stress is a pervasive and potentially costly fact of work life. Stress is defined as a psychological response to demands that tax or exceed the person’s capacity or resources. Coping refers to the behavioral and cognitive strategies people use to manage stressful demands and the emotions that come with them. Research shows that coping strategies can be problem-focused or emotion-focused and behavioral or cognitive in nature. One approach to managing stress is mindfulness training. Follow the link below for more information on mindfulness training at work. You will be able to find plenty more information with your own google search which you can share with your discussion group.

The question is, do you think companies (such as your own) should sponsor mindfulness training as an employee benefit at work? Using the coping strategy framework, identify the type of coping strategy mindfulness meditation represents, identify drawbacks of such an approach, and evaluate the level of effectiveness you expect relative to other types of supportive policies the company might provide at similar expense.

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