An analysis of global machinery and metals company (gmmc) and

Format requirements:

The group paper should:

– Be typed and double spaced;

– flow as a well documented coherent, committee paper;

– cite all sources;

– have correct formats for the bibliography, footnotes and references;

– have on the first page of the paper, the title of the paper, the authors’ names and respective tutorial groups; and

– have an executive summary.

Part A: Global Machinery and Metals Company [35marks] 3,000 words be a suitable length

1) Outline the mechanics of a letter of credit arrangement. Examine the bank’s exposure to risk should it accept time drafts. In GMMC’s case what additional collateral should Motor City National Bank then obtain?

2) Examine GMMC’s financial statements and then conduct a financial ratio analysis. Does the firm have adequate collateral in receivables and inventory?

3) GMMC is requesting increases in its lines of credit to meet its sales growth. Should Motor City National Bank approve it increases in both the line of credit and letter of credit? What special risk do you see in this situation: a) to the bank? b) to the company?

Part B: Caudillo, Houben and Noor (2015) “Growing beyond the core business” Mckinsey & Company [15 marks] 1,500 words be a suitable length.

The group paper should have an abstract.

GMMC is seeking an increase in credit line to meet its sales growth. How do the views and analyses presented by Caudillo et al. (2015) be incorporated by GMMC’s management to improve their profitability and reduce their risk?

**Kindly refer to CLD Case Review GMMC question guidelines Microsoft word file for answering Part A**

** Kindly refer to BUS308 GMMC Case Study and Caudillo TS 2017 File for the questions and full data, articles  provided**

A one-page Executive summary should precede the case analysis and include three sections: 

Background: A paragraph summarizing the information concerning the company under consideration and the competitive situation within which it operates. 

Issues: This paragraph should outline the issues involved in the case. That is, what are the problems facing the company? What needs to be done? 

Recommendation: This final section should outline your solution/recommendation 

Background: This section includes a background statement concerning the company, the industry, and the competitive situation. This summary should be more comprehensive than the executive summary background. 

Issues: This section should present the issues to be analysed in the case. That is concise statement of the problem. 

Methods of analysis: This section should outline the tools that will be used to resolve the situation. This section should be reasonably brief. 

Analysis: This section should present the results of the financial analysis. It should include all the assumptions used and the procedures used in the analysis. This should be the most detailed part of the paper. 

Alternatives: This section should present the alternatives available to management for resolving the problem. The financial considerations should be stressed. The impact of competition should also be considered. 

Recommendation: This final section should summarize the best alternative and present a forceful argument for following this recommendation. 

Appendix: All supporting documents including financial statements should be included in an appendix. Reference to the numbers in the appendix should be made throughout the body of the text. 

Referencing: It is important that the referencing of any sources used in your written work is done properly, if only to substantiate the points you are making in your assignment or project.

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