“a” plus powerpoint presentation | Education homework help


For this assignment, you will be creating a presentation that can be shared via a cloud technology, like Google Drive or One Drive. Your presentation can be created using a presentation technology such as PowerPoint. 

Your presentation should cover the following topics: 

a) the legal, social, and ethical issues teachers may face when technology is integrated into their classrooms. 

b) emerging and horizon technologies that may be integrated in classrooms in the not-too-distant future; and 

c) potential benefits and drawbacks that may occur as a result of integrating these technologies into the classroom.

You must cover the materials completely in a minimum of seven (7) slides. This assignment does require you to cite and reference all sources using proper APA style. Please utilize at least four sources, one of which can be your textbook.

                                                         Course Textbook:

Lever-Duffy, J., & McDonald, J. B. (2018). Teaching and learning with technology (6th ed.). Pearson. https://online.vitalsource.com/#/books/9780134519906

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