4.4 book review | Management homework help


Choose a book on conflict resolution, conflict management, or negotiation, and write a review of the book. The book can be selected from the list of additional recommended resources or you can find your own book. If you select a book not on the list of additional recommended resources, please get it approved by the instructor beforehand.

Your book review should include three topics:

  1. a concise overview or summary of the author’s content;
  2. a critical assessment of the book’s content (i.e., how valuable is the material in the book, how could the material be strengthened or improved, how the material complemented or differed from other readings in the course, etc.);
  3. a recommendation as to whether other class members would appreciate the book or find it useful.

You should give the bibliographic information in APA format at the top of the book review. Your paper should be double-spaced and two (2) pages in content with a title and reference page.


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