3 to 5 pages case study


Here the requirements:

Do not summarize the case in the paper

This written analysis should be between three and five pages, 12 point font double spaced with normal margins. Any exhibits or appendices will be in addition to this limit. The analysis should be
concise and coherent.

A written analysis should clearly and succinctly state the recommendations in the first paragraph. The remainder of the paper should provide the rationale for the recommendations. Students are to use the assigned case questions to help with their analysis of the case, but are encouraged to not just narrowly answer the questions. You should use headings throughout the paper to highlight areas of focus which can be drawn from the assigned questions.
You are expected to connect your insights to readings and any additional research that you have conducted.

1-What are the issues that Wrapitup is experiencing?
2-What do you believe is the root cause/s of the issues?
3-What are the strengths and weaknesses of the ShareIt program?
4-Does the program address the issues?
5-What would you do?

Please use Ro and Chen, Druskat, berry articles to support your answers, I will attached them all

Attached file: Wrapitup – developing a new compensation plan.pdf  

This the case study. That you going to write about

Attached file: Druskat and Wolf (2001).pdf   

Third support article

Attached file: Berry and Seiders (2009).pdf   

Second support article

Attached file: Ro and Chen (2011) (1).pdf

First support article

Deadline this Wednesday

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